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Zhankai Rui, deputy director of Fujian Provincial
Date:2014/4/29 14:20:28
Source:China Daily
Keywords:Milk fruit, jelly, crayon careful, three cans of milk beverage production line, flavored drinks

March 28 Zhankai Rui , deputy director of Fujian Provincial Entry- line visit Crayon Group Fujian snack food company guidance for food safety management. Quanzhou and Jinjiang, two SAIECIQ accompanied the expedition leader . Mr. Zheng Yushuang Crayon Group CEO to bring production base in Fujian , the main person responsible for the technical department quality hospitality and participate in the discussion.

Zhan , deputy director of the first in line and Zheng Yu Shuang , president of the forum , to understand overview about Crayon snack food group , including the group ´s product range and sales network. For our export products category , and the total purchase of raw materials and other export products to further understand the information . Zhan , deputy director of food safety management in particular Crayon expressed a high degree of attention.

" As a professional manufacturer of snack foods , snack foods Crayon Group fully recognizes the importance of food safety in the Strict raw material security, enhance product safety monitoring production processes to ensure food safety for consumers rest assured that we adhere to strict selection of raw materials , strict selection of qualified suppliers , including aspects of assessment and evaluation of its qualifications, size, quality management systems , every six months should organize procurement , quality technology suppliers and other departments to conduct a site assessment according to the requirements of food safety management system , in addition to our raw materials and make each batch certificate and inspection before storage , but also regularly sent inspection organ of state authority to ensure that qualified for the materials . Crayon by the upper and under established a set of excellent quality control system. Apart from the first leaders in command oversight of food quality , we also created a nearly 200 quality control personnel of the management team , monitoring food quality and safety , focusing on production facilities and production equipment security controls and emphasis on the production of health personnel security controls . exactly ten years as one day concerns about food safety and product quality , since 2000 , Crayon production of various products including jellies, beverages and confectionery products sampling inspection in both countries , there is no due to product quality and food safety issues and the national regulatory authorities to be punished . "

After listening to the Crayon base Maliang Feng , general manager of Fujian report on food safety management control work , the Deputy Secretary Jim gave a highly positive for enterprises through the ISO22000 food safety management system certification to ensure that controlled every aspect of operations and retrospective , he said : "This approach is correct ." Zheng Yu Shuang president, said the reason Crayon had been carried out early export trade , in addition to expanding business in various countries worldwide , but it is mostly in order to improve our food safety control awareness, improve product quality and international standards of food safety and quality standards . " Zhan , deputy director , said this very identity, he thinks Crayon really quite excellent management team , and he suggested that enterprises should strengthen management training for executive level employees to promote good management concepts, through awareness and enforcement

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