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  • 2012

    Larbee steady development in the capital market, China´s food industry has attracted leading central enterprises COFCO confirmation before its shares listed in Hong Kong as a strategic shareholder. Crayon COFCO became the second largest shareholder, with "Crayon" as the core brands of Chinese snack food group officially landed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Crayon became the first landing of the capital market food enterprises in Jinjiang, Jinjiang food business capital expansion to become a model.

  • 2011

    Larbee (Fujian) Food Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, the company after ten years of development, has become the representative of the private economy in Jinjiang enterprises: the main production jelly, candy, drinks and other snack foods, as many as over 300 Variety 9 series. 2011 products exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other 30 countries and regions.

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