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As one of the nation´s largest manufacturer of jelly , " Larbee " has been growing concern in the industry . From the original simple jelly manufacturers to develop into a variety of snack foods and now operates a large leisure brand , has achieved remarkable results. " Crayon " success stems from its unswervingly implement "a healthy Albert , tree century brand " brand development strategy.

We will firmly grasp the " second pioneering" opportunity, relying on the "National Institutes of health functional food production committee " and corporate R & D center , driving the company´s industrial structure adjustment, improve the company´s degree of organization and scale of operations capacity ; driven optimization of industrial structure , the health, safety and nutrition, health and energy conservation, low carbon and environmental protection as a major issue long-term development of food ; driven advances in technology structure , establish a sound scientific and technological research and innovation system , to establish a "national health production committee , "" functional foods Secretariat of the Association "as a think tank ," the cooperation of universities and research institutes "as the basis," the introduction of high-tech talent, enterprise IT staff training to improve their level of " human resources development model combining Research and technical personnel continue to be so optimized .

The recycling company through the implementation of brand strategy, market leader strategy, technology leadership strategy , culture and winning strategies of the company to achieve a leading position in the industry competition. Adhere to the people -oriented, technology leadership, management innovation , customer first and focus on sustainable development , in line with the system , scientific, pragmatic , forward-looking principle, so that the company can continue to develop Crayon core competitiveness , and strive to become the leisure jelly food the overall strength of the industry leading , technologically advanced level class , first-class production scale and capacity , product quality and first-class enterprises.

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